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Brian Klemesrud - Partner / Writer / Director / Producer

Brian Klemesrud is an award-winning writer/director with nearly a decade of experience in the director’s chair. Klemesrud is an independent filmmaker who recently completed his first feature film, Dead Draw. Dead Draw has won awards at film festivals across the country including the Audience Choice award, the Best Ensemble Cast and Best Picture categories.


A true independent, Klemesrud has worked in production and post-production. Cutting his teeth as a grip, Klemesrud moved onto Set Builder, 2nd AC, 1st AC, 1st AD, Assistant Editor, and Editor, Writer, Director and Producer. Currently the Creative Director at Left Hook, his commercial work has earned 18 Reed awards and 10 Pollie awards.

Dan Kolen - Partner / Executive Producer

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Dan Kolen has produced TV, advertising, and films over the past decade. From PBS documentary programming on aging and retirement, to CNBC documentaries on financial crime, to political advertising for candidates nationwide, to a film on Showtime, Kolen has worked on large-scale productions with national and international distribution. He also is in edit on a documentary feature centered on a choral program in a medium-security prison and produces micro docs for businesses and non-profits across the U.S.  He won AVA, Awards’ Platinum prize for his piece on Mountain Rose Herbs’ Sustainability efforts.

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Jim Timperman - Partner / Cinematographer / Producer

At age 11, Jim Timperman discovered his life calling while watching a movie at the Indiana theater in Bloomington. But being unable to procure a Spaceship or a Wookie co-pilot, Timperman decided to go with his fallback career: Cinematography. Timperman has shot hundreds of commercials and over 30 feature films on 35mm, 16mm, Super 16, HD, Alexa, Red One, Epic and Dragon, and Canon C500. Shooting in a studio or on location in cities as far flung as London, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Florence, Prague, Warsaw, Mumbai, Tokyo, Lima, and many others, Timperman’s work has won awards at film festivals and in the ad agency world.

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Katie Bryan - Partner / Executive Producer

Katie’s love for production encouraged her to work in multiple mediums for the past 2 decades producing, writing and directing. Her portfolio includes television documentaries, national advertisements and feature films with a client list that encompasses heavy hitters like Showtime, Discovery Channel, CNBC, Clorox, Crate and Barrel, Smuckers, Kohler and GE.  In her spare time she is an officer and member of the Gastrointestinal Research Foundation associate patient’s board for the University of Chicago.  She is currently in post-production, producing a short film entitled Gold Digger set to release in the Fall 2020.

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Adam Richardson - Partner / Creative Producer / Visual Artist

Adam Richardson channels his wonder and passion for creativity through his work as an illustrator, designer, and filmmaker. Aside from being a storyboard artist for film and television, Adam has drawn for comic books, card games, created character designs for animated shows, and illustrated book covers and event posters. His work won a Reed Award and Pollie Award in 2012. His work is currently on display in Toronto and Chicago.  Alongside his co-pilots in Getaway Plane, Adam plans to awe, inspire, transport and transform others through countless films and creative projects to come.

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